CGA Organization


Mike Burns - PResident

Head Coach for Men’s Gymnastics at the University of Minnesota, 2004 – present

  • NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Committee Member (’15 – ’18)

  • Chair of NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Committee (’16 – ’18)

  • Assistant Coach, University of Michigan (’97 – ’04)

  • Assistant Coach, University of Iowa (’80 – ’91)

  • Six years coaching at the Junior level (’91 – ’97)

  • Served as USA Gymnastics State Chair in both Iowa and New Mexico.

  • CGA Representative on USA Gymnastics Advisory Council

  • Vice-Chair of USA Gymnastics Advisory Council

  • Member USA Gymnastics Board of Directors, 2000 – 2018

  • Member of USA Gymnastics Finance Committee, 2010 – 2017

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Sciences, Penn State University, 1981

Burns sees his role as President of the CGA as one that can help stabilize the future of men’s gymnastics at the collegiate level and to one day see growth in the number of varsity programs nationwide. He will oversee the various branches of the CGA and assure that priority projects are moving at a pace to achieve successful completion. Burns is passionate about NCAA Men’s Collegiate Gymnastics and is acutely aware of the importance of college gymnastics as the training ground for many members of the US Senior National Team from which World and Olympic Team Members are selected.


Daniel Ribeiro - VICE PRESIDENT

University of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics Associate Head Coach (2012-Present)

  • 1x National Coach of the year (2012) & 2x Central Regional Coach of the year (2012 & 2018)

  • 2x World Championship Coach for Australia

  • President of the (MAGJA) Mid America Gymnastics Judges Association (2018-Present)

  • 2x NCAA National Champion on the Pommel Horse (2009 & 2011) and 3x All American (2008, 2009, & 2011) for the Illinois Fighting Illini

  • Alternate on the 2009 World Championship Team (USA)

  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management (2011)

Ribeiro was elected to the College Gymnastics Association Executive Board in May 2018 as the Vice President. Ribeiro is tasked with carrying out the strategic plan through overseeing operations, developing functional roles, and assigning responsibilities. He will hold the executive committee accountable to their branches and responsibilities while assisting the President in his responsibilities and duties. Ribeiro will use his education in Business Management and his experience in running the MAGJA to lead the new vision of the CGA.


JD Reive - Secretary/Treasurer

15 years of NCAA Division Men’s Gymnastics coaching

  • 5 years of professional experience outside of athletics (marketing & graphic design)

  • Extensive small business development, operations and management experience

Reive was re-elected to the College Gymnastics Association Executive Board as the Secretary/Treasurer in which his primary responsibility is establishing and maintaining sound financial management for the organization. Reive is tasked with creating, receiving and managing annual membership dues and additional revenue as it supports a defined annual operating budget. He will also manage the CGA’s digital assets (shared files, constituent information, mailing lists and meeting minutes).


John Robinson - New Program Initiative Branch

  • University of Nebraska Assistant Coach (8 years)

  • University of Nebraska gymnast (2006-2010)

  • SAAC

  • Bachelors in Business Administration-Marketing

  • Business partner of Fanword from 2015-2016

  • Co-owner of Robin Creek Real Estate

  • Member of the CGA New Program sub committee 2015- 2018

  • Created and ran fundraisers, reunions, and social media accounts for the the University of Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics

After serving on the CGA New Program sub-committee, Robinson was elected to the CGA executive committee to lead the New Program Initiative branch.  Robinson will be developing and leading a team to grow and sustain the sport of NCAA Men’s Gymnastics. Robinson will work closely with other organizations and the gymnastics community in order to accomplish these goals.  With his new role he plans to explore all avenues while focusing a strong portion of resources toward promising leads. His education and professional experiences have prepared him to make an immediate impact pursuing growth opportunities for NCAA Men’s Gymnastics within the CGA’s vision and mission.  

Jeff Levin - CGA Networking and Development:

  • Gymnastics coaching career (1972-2016) 44 years

  • Illinois High School Coaches Hall of Fame

  • Richard M. Aronson Special Service Award

  • CGA Executive Committee

  • Iowa State Competitor- 1969-1972

  • President of the Illinois High-School Gymnastics Coaches Association

Valdez Jordan.jpg

Jordan valdez - Operations

University of Minnesota Men’s Gymnastics Assistant Coach

  • Former gymnast for the University of Illinois (2-time NCAA Champion, 4-time NCAA All-American)

  • Former Volunteer Assistant Coach for the University of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics

  • Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology

Valdez was elected to the College Gymnastics Association Executive Board in May 2018 as the head of the CGA Operations branch. Valdez is tasked with initiatives such as streamlining communication within the CGA, arranging necessary facilities for annual meetings, and helping to enhance the education of the USAG Junior Program. Valdez intends to use his experience in operations for the University of Minnesota Men’s Gymnastics Team to collaborate with his team to improve the annual operations of the CGA.


Syque Caeser - Marketing

Stanford University Men’s Gymnastics Assistant Coach

  • 2012 Olympic Gymnast

  • Former gymnast for the Michigan Wolverines (3-time NCAA Champion, 5-time NCAA All-American)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies

  • Master’s degree in Sport Management

Caesar was elected to the College Gymnastics Association Executive Board in May 2018 as the head of the CGA Marketing branch. Caesar is tasked with initiatives such as logo and brand development, content creation, and outreach. Caesar plans on using his education in sport management and experience as a former administrative assistant and operations manager to organize and lead his team for the new vision of the CGA.


Tony Beck - College Men’s Gymnastics Enhancement

  • Penn State University Men’s Gymnastics Assistant Coach

  • Former Penn State Gymnast (2010-2013)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management

Beck was elected to the College Gymnastics Association Executive Board in May 2018 as the head of the CGA NCAA Enhancement branch. Beck is tasked with initiatives such as competition development and fan engagement.