CGA All-America Scholar-Athletes

Winners on and off the mat, the Stanford Cardinal has been named the 2019 College Gymnastics Association’s national academic team champion — it is their seventh title since the award’s inception back in 1991.

Rounding out the rest of the top-five was William & Mary, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Ohio State, respectively:

  1. Stanford - 3.435

  2. William & Mary - 3.412

  3. Minnesota - 3.285

  4. Oklahoma - 3.247

  5. Ohio State - 3.177

  6. Illinois - 3.150

  7. Michigan - 3.133

  8. Navy - 3.131

  9. Springfield - 3.117

  10. Penn State - 3.080

Honorable Mentions: Nebraska, Cal-Berkeley, Iowa and Army

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 81 individual gymnasts as 2019 first-team All-America Scholar-Athletes in men’s gymnastics for attaining a 3.50 grade point average or higher and 47 second-team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499.


  • 4.0 grade point average: Anton Stephenson, Nebraska; Curtis Chang, Ohio State; Joey Wilmot, Ohio State; Christian Correale, Navy; John Baldwin, Penn State; Noah Roberson, Penn State; Christopher Sands, Penn State; Jacopo Gliozzi, William & Mary; Jannik Haas, Springfield; Colton Dee, Minnesota; Brian Schibler, Oklahoma

  • 3.999-3.90 grade point averages: Joshua Everitt, Nebraska; Andrew Zymball, Nebraska; Andrew Brower, Ohio State; Christopher Krystek, Michigan; Benjamin Provost, Navy; Max Gerber, Navy; David Allen, William & Mary; Peter Makey, William & Mary; Spencer Schrandt, William & Mary; Chris Osgood, Stanford; Henry Meeker, Minnesota; George Khoury, Minnesota; Benjamin Winkel, Minnesota; Peter Daggett, Oklahoma; Michael Paradise, Illinois-Champaign; Clay Mason-Stephens, Illinois-Champaign

  • 3.899-3.80 grade point averages: Evan Hymanson, Nebraska; Joey Bonanno, Ohio State; Sean Neighbarger, Ohio State; Dexter Roettker, Ohio State; Anthony Tawfik, Michigan; Roshan Toopal, California-Berkeley; Michael Burns, Penn State; Ian Creelman, William & Mary; Christian Wilkey, Springfield; Kyle Lukaesko, Springfield; Jeremy Vera, Springfield; David Jessen, Stanford; Blake Martin, Illinois-Champaign

  • 3.799-3.70 grade point averages: Jesse Tyndall, Ohio State; Justin Murphy, Michigan; Joseph Dixon, California-Berkeley; Ryan Orce, Navy; Henry Greene, Navy; Wyatt Tyndall, Penn State; Jack Hasenkopf, William & Mary; Andrew Lyubovsky, William & Mary; Trevor Lamberton, Springfield; Trevor DiGerolamo, Stanford; Justin Karstadt, Minnesota

  • 3.699-3.60 grade point average: Dylan LeClair, Nebraska; Justin Hopgood, Michigan; James Read, Michigan; Mitchell McHugh, Army; Joseph Minus, Army; Dhiren Lutchman, Navy; Sean Turtle, Springfield; Jacob Barrus, Stanford; Grant Breckenridge, Stanford; Josiah Eng, Stanford; Barrett Weiss, Stanford; Vitali Kan, Minnesota; Levi Anderson, Oklahoma; Genki Suzuki, Oklahoma; Alexander Diab, Illinois-Champaign; Noah Scigliano, Iowa; Evan Davis, Iowa; Jake Brodarzon, Iowa

  • 3.599-3.50 grade point average: Josh Martin, Nebraska; Zach Peters, Nebraska; Robert Costea, Ohio State; Mitchell Brown, Michigan; Kyte Crigger, California-Berkeley; Alexander Thomason, Penn State; Cutter Fugett, William & Mary; Jordan Kula, William & Mary; Nate Winneg, William & Mary; Joey Ringer, Stanford; Timothy Kutyla, Minnesota; Eric Holley, Oklahoma; Morgan Seyler, Oklahoma; Jacob Light, Illinois-Champaign


  • 3.499-3.40 grade point averages: Michael Chan, Ohio State; Jacob Gricar, Ohio State; Nicholas Guy, Michigan; Jonathan Liu, Michigan; Kiernan Reagan, Army; Brandon Shively, Army; Brayden Borromeo, Penn State; Ian Gunther, Stanford; Conner Lewis, Stanford; Curran Phillips, Stanford; Ryan Sheppard, Stanford; Matt Szot, Stanford; Jacob Sawyer, Minnesota; Matt Wenske, Oklahoma; Daniel Graham, Illinois-Champaign; Sebastian Quiana, Illinois-Champaign; Ian Skirkey, Illinois-Champaign; Kevin Johnson, Iowa

  • 3.399-3.30 grade point averages: Socrates Gavallas, Michigan; Jacob Moore, Michigan; Matthew Randolph, California-Berkeley; Jonathan Wang, California-Berkeley; Liam O’Hara, Army; Cian Singelton-McConnell, Navy; Reid Ross, William & Mary; Collin Maberry, Springfield; Bailey Perez, Stanford; Bryan Perla, Stanford; Blake Wilson, Stanford; Eric Nakamura, Minnesota; Tanner Justus, Oklahoma; Jake Maloley, Oklahoma; Michael Fletcher, Illinois-Champaign; Brandon Wong, Iowa

  • 3.299-3.20 grade point averages: Dylan King, Nebraska; Mack Lasker, Michigan; Cole Cassanova, Army; Joshua Williams, Navy; Nicholas Mock, Penn State; Stephen Nedoroscik, Penn State; Samuel Zakutney, Penn State; Lucas Wilcox, Springfield; Ben Swartout, Stanford; Gareth Weiss, Stanford; Shaun Herzog, Minnesota; Cameron Wright, Oklahoma

Sixteen gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes by the College Gymnastics Association for all four years of their eligibility: Blake Martin, Illinois-Champaign; Justin Karstadt, Minnesota; Christian Correale, Navy; Anton Stephenson, Nebraska; Joshua Everitt, Nebraska; Andrew Zymball, Nebraska; Joey Bonanno, Ohio State; Christopher Sands, Penn State; Michael Burns, Penn State; Noah Roberson, Penn State; Wyatt Tyndall, Penn State; Jannik Haas, Springfield; David Allen Jr, William & Mary; Jack Hasenkopf, William & Mary; Jacopo Gliozzi, William & Mary; Peter Makey, William & Mary.

Logan Bradley