How to get involved

With a number of ways to get involved, some of the best ways are:

-Volunteer time and resources.

-Provide valuable information, new leads and feedback

-Follow us on our social media pages and spread the word.

-Make a donation

Volunteer/ feedback

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social media


Word of mouth is a powerful tool and with social media we can unite our community to create a strong voice. Follow us on our social media pages and share content to create a unified, well-informed community. Together we can change the course of collegiate gymnastics. For access to our social media accounts click on the page of choice in the main navigation.


Your donation will be focused toward the mission of the NPI. β€œTo promote the vision of the CGA by increasing the competitive opportunities at the collegiate level.” Through our endeavors to increase competitive opportunities at the collegiate level we will incur many expenses. Some of those expenses will include but not be limited to creating and sustaining programs, reversing the decision to drop programs, costs related to presentations, printed materials and meeting with individuals critical to the success of the branch.