about the New program initiative

What is the NPI?

The New Program Initiative was created to grow and sustain collegiate men’s gymnastics. We work to create new programs at the collegiate level while also providing resources to protect current programs. The NPI will develop and present material to universities with the goal to establish opportunities for collegiate men’s gymnastics. The NPI will also create and sustain fundraising mechanisms to back our mission.

In it’s prime, NCAA Men’s Gymnastics had over 200 sponsored programs, today there are 15 sponsored programs. Our goal is to reverse the trend and ensure the opportunities past generations had extend to future generations. Through a community effort we can pave a new future for years to come.

NPI Mission Statement:

To promote the vision of the CGA by increasing the competitive opportunities at the collegiate level.

goals and objectives

-To increase the number of competitive programs and opportunities at the collegiate level

-Help sustain current and new programs

-Provide guidance and assistance for universities and organizations that have like goals and objectives

-Provide feedback that may guide the future of NCAA Men’s Gymnastics

-Create and sustain numerous fundraising mechanisms for the NPI

our why

We all love our gymnastics community as it has helped shape us into the people we are today. Our “why” is to continue to provide opportunities for future generations of young men. We want our community to continue to flourish and the goal is to not only sustain our community, but to contribute to its growth.

out team

John Robinson: Branch Chair

Bob Wuornos: Fundraising Chair/MIGSP

___________: Content Creation Chair

___________: Research/Strategy Chair

Jesse Kitzen-Abelson: GymAct Chair

___________: NAIGC Chair